ADHD Doesn’t Just Magically Go Away

I have so many of my clients come to me wanting to make a change and start managing their ADHD. I have parents wanting their child to get their grades pulled up. Adults who want to end a work day feeling accomplished and stress free instead of overwhelmed and lazy. 

As humans, we have this mindset of I just need to fix this right now and it will be better. 

  • They just need to get their missing assignments completed right now and their grades will be fine. 
  • I just need to get this task done at work and I won’t be as overwhelmed. 
  • I just need to get my laundry folded and I will be organized. 

We want a quick fix. 

The thing is, a quick fix will work. We can get those missing assignments completed and your grade will improve. However, the problem isn’t actually the missing assignments. The real problem is that the missing assignments happen because the student procrastinates on most school work and many times forgets what needs to be done. Completing and turning in those missing assignments is not going to teach you how to be proactive and keep track of your homework in the future. 

We can get that task done at work and you will feel less stressed. Until you have another task that needs completing and you realize you are overwhelmed again and don’t know how to break down that task into manageable steps and stay on task completing each step.

We can get that pile of laundry in the corner of your room folded but the reality is it will just pile up again. You need to build a routine for how you will get the laundry done.

When we are searching for the ‘quick fix’ all we are doing is putting a bandaid on the problem. 

When you don’t get to the root of the problem, it’s going to happen again. And again. And again. 

Those of us with ADHD are impatient and time blind. We are willing to start a new habit or routine but are also quick to throw it out because we aren’t seeing results fast enough. 

I get it, I go through this pattern of trying something new, feeling successful, starting to struggle again, feel defeated, and give up. 

Time and time again, I have been told I need to try harder. 

Let me tell you something. I try really hard, and I know you do too. The answer isn’t trying harder, it is trying in a different way.

We are so willing to throw thousands at college hoping that’s what will set us up for the future. But time and time again, I see the kids go to college and fail. Or they graduate but get stuck in a job they don’t love or are struggling to keep up with because they never learned the tools they need to succeed. 

How is spending thousands on college any good if the kid doesn’t have the skills they need to manage their ADHD so they can thrive?

I want to tell you a secret, those missing assignments you’re seeing in high school will turn to failing classes in college. Those failing classes in college will turn into late bill payments, high stress at work because you’re barely keeping up and chaos at home with a frustrated spouse because you aren’t getting your shit together. 

ADHD is not something that just magically goes away. It’s something you have to work at. You have to spend time understanding your ADHD, taking ownership of your ADHD, and building the skills needed to start THRIVING with your ADHD. 

For my parents with soon to be college students or current college students who are reading this thinking my kid is that kid. My kid is riding the struggle bus. I want to tell you a secret. 

The best thing you can do to set them up for a successful future is to make the investment in their ADHD brain so they can have the skills they need to THRIVE in life in and out of school. 

For my adults with ADHD reading this thinking, “this was me… I am now an adult on the hot mess express.” It is your time to take control of your ADHD instead of letting it control you. 

Whether you’re 16 or 46, now is the time to stop feeling like the other shoe will drop any minute and start trusting that shoe won’t drop and if it does, you will catch it. 

Schedule your consultation today so we can help you build the skills to successfully thrive with your ADHD for life!

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