Use these Videos + 365 questions to connect with your kiddo and understand their ADHD brain.

Build a strong relationship with your child

Help your kiddo learn how ADHD is impacting them

Be a better advocate for their unique needs 

Tyler Dorsey

As someone who has spent my whole life working through ADHD and working with kids with ADHD, I understand how frustrating it can be for the child and the parent.

I created Mom, Me and My ADHD to give families a tool to learn about their kiddos' brain, so the child can verbalize what they are struggling with and the family can advocate for their child's specific needs and take control of their lives - so you can just be mom.

The videos will help you understand more about ADHD and the 365 discussion questions in the journal will help you define what ADHD is for your child. This understanding will improve your relationship with them and allow you to build a plan so they thrive through school and into adulthood.

Mom, Me & My ADHD can transform your relationship with your child.

“This is all of the information I wish my parents and I would have known when I was struggling with ADHD as a kid.” 

Focus Forward Founder

ADHD doesn’t have to define your relationship with your kid. This program will help your family develop a better understanding of your ADHD kiddo’s brain, so you can support and encourage them best. This program is a great tool for all kinds of parents: 

You’re reading all the blogs, getting them on an IEP, and trying to remember to breathe. It will be okay. This program helps you understand how ADHD affects them personally, keeps you connected to them, and helps you to see it’s more than a diagnosis - it’s their superpower.

Your kid just got an adhd diagnosis

If your kiddo is in a state of constant distress and you’re grasping at straws for how to get them to graduation, this program is for you. The problem is bigger than them earning good grades, this program will set them up to be successful adults. They need to develop a better understanding of how their brain works to prepare for struggles that can pop up at every stage of life.

You’re riding on the “Hot Mess Express”

See if your child’s struggles align with these questions. It may be time to get diagnosed. ADHD diagnosis or not, the intential time and connection with your child will be priceless.

you're Considering having them tested for ADHD

If life feels like a never ending war with your child, you may not have the relationship established with your child to sit down and go through the program together. Work through this program on your own or with your significant other, using it as a supplemental resource to help you understand where your kid is coming from and how you can reconnect with them.

Every day is
a battle

How Do I Use
Mom, Me & My ADHD?

You’ve done your part - now they have the power to do theirs. Relax in their newfound confidence and independence that allows you to just be mom.

Let your child work with our Focus Forward Coaches to build a toolkit that will help them get more organized, feel less pressure, and face hurdles with independence.


Establish a Safe Space, 
figuratively & literally

The time is now. The longer you wait to understand your child, the more struggles they will face. I was 20 before my parents and I got a grasp on my ADHD. Good grades are important, but a strong relationship with your kid is vital. Consider this program a key to building that relationship.


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Work through the program with your kiddo

When your kid knows you’re on their team, the sky is the limit. The connection you make and the knowledge you gain will give you clarity and momentum for getting them the help they deserve.


Redefine your Child’s Future




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