Preventing Fights and Mending Sibling Relationships

Your dream is for your kids to get along, but at the moment, it feels like the most enormous ask in the world. You have a child (or children) with ADHD. The fighting is explosive and 24/7.

“This too shall pass.”

That statement couldn’t be more accurate, but you can help this explosive phase of your family’s life pass sooner rather than later. 

Here is how.

Katelyn Mabry’s Journey with Me Through ADHD: A Podcast for Kids episode, “Why so many sibling fights?” provides you with steps you can take to bring peace back into your home. Here are a few of my key takeaways:

  • Create space for your children to connect through a common interest. This builds trust and respect between your children, improving their response to emotional explosions.
  • Provide the opportunity for them to practice working together on things – building a fort, a chore done together, something they all do together and earn a reward together. Teamwork makes the dream work. 
  • Explosions will happen, so make a plan. What steps will you take when an outburst occurs? An example is becoming aware of when that lava starts to boil and erupt, pause, and walk away. We are then less likely to say hurtful things.
  • Educate yourself and the siblings on why the explosions are happening.

I know what is going through your brain right now… This sounds like a dream, but I cannot imagine it working in my house. 

Creating less fighting is possible for your home; you should not accept anything less. To get to that place, you need a personalized plan that closes the gap between where you are now (fighting) and where you want to be (peace).

When you enroll in Journey to Becoming Mom Again, Katelyn Mabry will work with you to: 

  • Create a personalized plan.
  • Provide the tools needed to execute the plan.
  • Review the entire process to guide you on the next steps in helping your child with ADHD thrive.

Schedule a consultation today to get more information or enroll in Journey to Becoming Mom Again. There are limited spaces available.

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