My Child is Struggling Socially

What you see in fighting with siblings can show up in your child’s relationships outside the home, especially if they are an only child and don’t have siblings to quarrel with. Your child has emotional responses and is saying or doing inappropriate things that can show up at home and with friends.

Your mom heart is breaking because you want to help your child who is socially struggling and lacks the skills to build meaningful friendships. You are at a loss of what to do and how to help. All you know is that your child is acting years behind their peers in maturity.

First, know that your child with ADHD is behind in their maturity compared to their same-aged peers. Those with ADHD are typically three years behind. 

Second, you are not alone and doing your best with what you have. It’s time to equip your momma toolbox with the next-level tools needed and know when and how to use them. 

Let’s start here. In our earlier posts, we broke down one of Katelyn Mabry’s podcast episodes on sibling fights. We are going to take that information and apply it to friendships. Here are three things you can do to help your child who is struggling with friendships:


Help your child understand what emotions are coming up for them and why they have them.


Work with your child to develop a plan to implement when they have an emotional outburst or feel one coming on.


Create space for your child to connect with friends through shared interests.

Implementing these steps with your child helps them create relationships and provides life skills. The struggles with relationships and ADHD aren’t something your child will grow out of. Your child is missing specific skills their brain doesn’t know how to develop. You, as mom, have the power to teach your child these skills through applying your understanding of that beautiful ADHD brain of theirs in your parenting.

Your child will become more confident in themselves, and you will feel less concerned about your child socially. If you are swimming in ADHD chaos and feel like you’re about to drown, schedule a consultation using the link below. 

In our Journey to Becoming Mom Again program, Katelyn Mabry will work with you 1-1 to create a personalized game plan and, through group sessions, provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to execute that plan. Bonus, you will have a team of other mommas going through the same thing to support you along the way! There are limited spaces available to get on our schedule today.

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