Beliefs About our ADHD

Hi! My name is Tyler and I am that ADHD momma throwing her baby girl in the air.

It took me a while to understand my ADHD and turn it into my strength. I had a million beliefs about my ADHD. ADHD is feeling like a hot mess.

ADHD is being late or forgetting your appointment altogether.

ADHD is getting in a screaming match with your parents but you don’t really know why, you just know you’re mad.

ADHD is trying really hard but being told you need to try harder.

ADHD is having a to do list in front of you but not knowing how to get started.

ADHD is avoiding returning that phone call because you aren’t sure what they will ask you or how long it will take.

ADHD is a pile of clean clothes in the laundry room because you got them through the washer and dryer but never got them folded and put away.

ADHD is a missing homework assignment because you were distracted and missed when the teacher assigned it.

As I began to understand my brain and train my brain to work towards it strengths, I realized that ADHD is not all bad.

ADHD is a brain that thinks of a million ways to problem solve and is willing to try them all to make it happen.

ADHD is hyperfocus on the things you love that allow you to turn it into a thriving career.

ADHD is an abundance of energy that can be channeled towards success on the field.

ADHD is spontaneity that provides you the opportunity to step out of the status quo.

ADHD is adding creativity to an ordinary situation.

ADHD is a superpower. It just takes us some time to understand and love our ADHD brains.

Many people who don’t fully understand ADHD think that one day we will just snap out of it. One day we will “grow up”.

The fact is until we understand our brains, that won’t happen. We have to take intentional action in understanding and managing our individual ADHD brains so that we can turn it into our superpower.

My team can help you or your child find their superpower!

Wanna know how? Schedule a consultation so we can help you on your ADHD journey!

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